Still Life Paintings

"The Absent Angler""Butters Knows Better""Seasonal favorites""Little Drops of Pleasure""Root beer Ruckus""Unending Vigil""Delight and Folly""For: Santa""Western Shine""Happy Thoughts""Natural Grind""Funny Money""Bowie,Down Under""Identification of the Species""Live Bait""Six Shots""Lucky Duck""The Fortune Vessel""The Silver Goblet""Valentino""Stein with Apricots""Afternoon Appetite""Stein with Walnuts""Stein with Bread"" Crimson Display ""Tangerine Surprise""Blue Buddha""Red Buddha""Wine Basket""The Green Apple""Asparagi Saltati""Crostini con Prosciutto""Minestra""Peperonata""Pere Cotte al Forno""Polenta con Gusto""Knit Kitten""Conquest of the Heart""Honor and glory""Mythic Fortune""The Bounty""The Wish""What a Treat!""Abundance""False Optimism""Good Morning Gaggle""One Dandy Little Ditty""The Wrangler""One Egg To Many""Monopoly Token, Cat""Monopoly Token, Race Car""Monopoly Token, Skotty""Skippy's First Act""Bath Time""Acquired Tastes""The Dragon and The Tiger""The Humble Serving""Lucky Duck""Monkey Around""The Sterling Rabbit""Thrift Pig""Fievel's Feast"